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Mall of America sign up page
Take five minutes and read this entire page. It tells you about payment options, how exactly to pay, etc.

Go to "Step two - pay your deposit" and use the email transfer instructions or the PayPal box for credit card.

Read this important information BEFORE signing up then complete both steps.


Easy payment plans for Mall of America.
The day you book, a $75 per PERSON down payment/security deposit is required.
2016 tours are due to be paid in full 14 days later unless alternate arrangements are made when booking.
2017 tours can be paid over flexible payments. Contact us for details.

As these are bus tours there is limited seating and your down payments are our security deposits so there are no refunds. If we grant refunds it can put the entire trip in jeopardy for everyone else. Your seats are usually transferable up until the pay in full date, so you can sell your spots to someone else if able too. We do our best to help everyone out in life's situations. Some of our travelers purchase third party trip cancellation insurance that covers their security deposits if they have to cancel. Talk to your insurance broker about this. NOTE: we have been advised that CAA does not sell this so you must talk to an insurance broker.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are at the bus at the times specified on the itinerary (unless otherwise instructed by the tour host or driver). If you are not present at any particular departure time during the tour we will assume you have “opted out” or found your own transportation for the day.

Since transportation is being provided by a third party company, Barrett Tours can not be responsible for any delays or deviations from the itinerary, missed time, or any other problems or unforeseen circumstances that arise from the bus line, weather, or any other third parties. Your participation in this tour constitutes your agreement to these terms.

Travelling outside of the country with us?
Please remember to bring valid identification for the border (passport). It is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to cross into the United States and that laws have not changed regarding what identification you need. Barrett Tours accepts no responsibility and refunds will not be issued if you are turned away at the border for any reason.

Exchange rate policy in regards to USA tours.
This in regards to any new sign ups from October 7, 2015 onwards.
Our rates are in Canadian dollars but many of the products like theme park tickets and hotel room are paid in USA currency. So if the Canadian dollar were to fall below .75 cents against the American dollar at the time of you paying in full, we will have to adjust your rate accordingly.

In 2014 the Canadian dollar averaged about .90 cents American.

In 2013 the Canadian dollar averaged about .97 cents American.

At the time of writing this (October 2015) we are hovering around the .77 cent American range which is hopefully going to improve soon. (March 18, 2016 update: CDN dollar at .77 cents USD today).

This is an important step we must take to ensure the tours stay viable. As the profit margin is razor thin and we are selling tours for up to a year in advance, this helps ensure the tours can go ahead.

Keep in mind, if you book thru a travel agent your paying in US funds for much of your trip.

The role of Barrett Tours in your vacation
Barrett Tours is the company you are booking with, but we are not the ones actually providing the service. In a similar fashion to how you go to a travel agent who books your plane and hotel, we book you onto a chartered bus and the hotel.

We do our best to provide you with information that should help you be successful on the tour. But once you are on the actual tour you are now in the hands of the chartered bus company who takes you from there.

As you are under the care of the charter bus company, they make the decisions on meal stops during the journey and have the ability to make changes to the itinerary as needed if unexpected circumstances require it. But deviations from my itinerary are rare.

At the hotel you often will go in and sign in individually for your rooms. The rooms will be pre-paid before you arrive, but like any reputable hotel you need to put down a valid credit card to cover incidentals or damage (smoking in a non-smoking room for example). If you do not have a credit card they will accept a $100usd security deposit which is refunded after successful room examination at check-out time.

If you have a problem or concern at the hotel or on the bus you need to let them know. You have paid for the services they are providing and are entitled to give them feedback. And of course please always let me know how things go when you get back so I can make proper decisions on service providers moving forward.

So to summarize… Barrett Tours is not providing the trip. We are the organizer.

Step one - fill out this form
What tour are you signing up for? (month/year/destination)

How many people?

How many rooms do you need?

Phone number(s)

Mailing address

Email address

Where are you boarding the bus

How much of a deposit are you making today? (do NOT try to sign up for tour if not making payment right now)

Everyone's names (with middle initial), birthdays (with year) and genders.

Was anyone born outside of Canada or have foreign citizenship anywhere? (For USA tours only)

You acknowledge you have been advised to purchase trip interruption and cancellation insurance from your local broker (not CAA as they do not sell this) shortly after signing up. (type YES below or you will not be signed up for tour)

You acknowledge reading this statement. Since Barrett Tours is only the organizer and transportation is being provided by a third party company, Barrett Tours can not be responsible for any delays or deviations from the itinerary, missed time, or any other problems or unforseen circumstances that arise from the bus line, weather, hotel, or any other third parties. Your participation in this tour constitutes your agreement to these terms. (type YES below to join this tour)

Canadian to US dollar conversion. The agreed upon rate is in Canadian dollars and based on it not falling below .75 cents usd. If at the time of pay in full the value is less than that, we will have to re-adjust accordingly based on the 75 cent basement. (type YES below to confirm reading this which is for USA tours only)


Make sure to hit "SEND MESSAGE" button above.

Step two - pay your deposit
There are two ways to pay:

A. Email interact transfer. This is how most customers make payments now. You log into your online banking and select the "transfers" tab. Then find email interact transfer. It will ask you for an email address to send it to. Use IT IS NOT .COM! Please enter it correctly with the .ca for it to go through. Then you need to send me a separate email with the password you selected.

B. With credit card (or PayPal) via the PayPal box below. You do NOT have to be a PayPal member.

Please expect a 5 business day wait until your payment is processed and an updated invoice is emailed to you.

Payment amount
What is your name

- You do NOT need to be a PayPal member to use this PayPal credit card processor.

- We also accept email interact transfers and charge no fee for that service. Instructions on how to pay that way are above the PayPal box.

I just finished signing up, so now what?
In the next 5 to 7 business days you will be emailed an invoice showing your payment made, what is owing, and upcoming payment dates.

Also sometime during these five days you will receive an email invitation to the dedicated online "planning page" for your specific tour. This Facebook group will be where the itinerary is released as well as many tips, hints, and advice. It is also where you can make your voice heard on any potential issues that may arise.

Feel free to private message us on Facebook with any questions after signing up.

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