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Excel Bus Lines Disney World Tour (presented to you by Barrett Tours)

Walt Disney World Tour Details
February 16-March 4, 2019
Barrett Tours has literally sent thousands of Canadians to Disneyland California over the last 11 years. When Excel Bus Lines decided to offer a Walt Disney World tour we just knew that our customers needed to know about it. Tour will be staying at a Disney World hotel and will take in 5 days at Disney, 1 day at the beach, 1 day in the everglades, and 1 free day for you to do something of your own choosing.

In addition to this you will get to see Nashville on the way down.

This tour is going to pick up passengers in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, and Regina. The rate you pay includes your transportation to and from Florida via Motor Coach, your accommodations, and theme park tickets. The only extra expense is meals.

Theme park ticket provided will be a 5 day Magic Your Way base ticket. All shuttle service to the everglades and beach is provided. On the disney days you are on your own schedule as the resort provides transportation to the parks.

In a nutshell, this tour has you covered. Get on the bus and donít worry about the details. Your transportation, theme park tickets (which include rides) are all taken care of in the rate you pay. Look to your right for a basic itinerary (which is always subject to change).

Two in a room: $2,952 each
Three in a room: $2,490 each
Four in a room: $2,262 each
Five in a room: $2,122 each

Families or groups larger than 5 will need more than one room.

Will you have a child who is under 3 years old at time of tour? $999 for the seat on bus

This is in Canadian dollars, no extra tax or fees.

Need info on payment plans or want to sign up? Click here!

Why take the bus when I can just fly down??
Great question! You can probably find reasonably affordable flight packages with your travel agent. So why book on this tour?

- some people do not like to fly

- many sights to see on the drive

- small down payment of only $75 for the family when you sign up

- easy monthly payments

- great for single parents who want to take the kids somewhere without the hassle of airports, car rentals, shuttle arranging, etc.

- the busses are all washroom equiped

- there are roof mounted monitors for group movie viewing

- stops are usually made every 3 or 4 hours to stretch your legs and grab some food

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